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Beware of the gorilla!SRE-практики

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Krzysztof (Chris) Daniel
Leading Edge Forum

Krzysztof (Chris) is an unreformed explorer teaching others how to start effectively using Wardley Maps for their benefits. His primary focus is on identification, development and usage of mapping in very specific use cases, such as Outsourcing, Project Management & Restoring Balance of Power), and on emerging financial frameworks. What Chris really enjoys are mapping sessions with customers, during which Chris guides a process of identifying opportunities, risks and defining growth directions.

Chris is also the author of the Online Mapping Course, and an active member of the mapping community, and the person who started wardleymaps.com - the first portal dedicated to Wardley Maps.

In the past, Chris used to work in a variety of roles - starting from being an open source software contributor, going through project management, consulting and risk and compliance management, and ending up preparing a corporate strategy. For this reason, he understands challenges associated with business transformations at every level.

Chris shares his spare time between his family and his two passions - self-improvement and piloting gliders, which right now have overshadowed his past interests - counter-strike, books and social dance.


In 2013, a research paper was published that described a very interesting experiment - 24 radiologists were asked to review X-ray photos of lungs, and after they completed it, they have to answer a straightforward question: "Did you notice anything extraordinary? 83% of them said "No.". The problem is that each of the photos had a large gorilla picture embedded, and eye-tracking revealed that they looked at it, but failed to notice it.

The conclusion is compelling - we can see only what we expect. Now, the question arises - business and technology are all about the anticipation of the future, but the mere act of anticipating defines what we will be able to see, and sometimes, results can surprise us in a very unpleasant way (product flop, lost time).

In this presentation, I will show how to build with high situational awareness that allows for better anticipation of the future, and therefore, allocation of your personal and professional efforts to tasks that are most important.

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