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Serverless vs Containers - which doors to choose? How to build modern applications?Инфраструктурная платформа

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Tomasz Stachlewski
Amazon Web Services

Tomasz Stachlewski is a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, where he helps companies of all sizes (from startups to enterprises) in their Cloud journey. He provides guidelines for creating cloud solutions that deliver the most value to his customers, and help take their IT to the next level. He is a big believer in innovative technology such as serverless architecture, which allows organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. Before joining Amazon, he worked at LOT Polish Airlines, where he architected their first cloud projects, IBM and at Accenture.


Containers and Serverless are becoming the most popular ways of building modern applications. Microservices? DevOps? It’s just easier with containers and serverless. But which one is better? What are the criteria? Which one should we use? Or maybe it depends? In this talk we will discuss the most important aspects of both. This will be heavy ‘demo’ focused session – we will build and test small applications build based on cloud (AWS) serverless services and docker containers.

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