Профессиональный фестиваль для тех, кто делает интернет
Фестиваль РИТ++ 2016 завершён. Изучайте презентации, смотрите фотографии и ждите видео :)

Денис Мишунов

Digital Garden AS

Denys is a frontend developer living and working in Norway. Being 2-in-1: an art school graduate and an engineer, Denys is passionate about psychology, physics, history, drawing. In his day-to-day job he enjoys getting to the heart of the matter of things and processes. Originally on "CSS side" of development, for the last years Denys has been building javascript applications, still breaking CSS, abusing HTML and working with performance optimizations of pretty much all aspects of the frontend toolset at Digital Garden AS (fastname.no and uniweb.no).
Cycling, photography, impressionist paintings and many more can trigger his attention.